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Wind Turbines


If you are interested in reducing your monthly electric bill, a wind turbine may be the renewable energy system for you.  Advanced Energy Systems Development can design and install a wind turbine system for you.  As of January 1, 2009 wind turbines are eligible for federal tax credits.  In addition, you will receive a state tax credit and a rebate, www.dsireuse.orgAdvanced Energy Systems Development will help you with these incentive programs.


AV's AVX1000 wind turbine is designed for quick and easy installation onto concrete tilt-up buildings with little or no structural impact. The low profile, modular wind turbines are designed to affix to the parapet wall of a building to avoid the need for roof penetrations and eliminate the support tower common to conventional turbine designs. The 1000W rated AVX1000 weighs a scant 130 pounds (60 kg) so additional structural reinforcement is not needed. An optional canopy is available to ensure visual integration with the structure as well as provide a front screen to maximize avian safety.


Advanced Energy Systems Development has installed six Aerovironment AVX 1000 1 kw wind turbines at the Harvard University Holyoke Center.


Southwest Windpower

Southwest Windpower manufacturers a variety of residential wind turbines for off grid and grid tied applications.  The Skystream 3.7 is ideally suited for residential applications.


Bergey Wind

Bergey Wind supplies wind turbines ranging from 1 kw to 10 kw for residential and coomercial applications.


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